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I am so behind!!!

OK, seriously, what the heck happened to last week??? Somehow it’s Monday night already – and I am way behind in food blogging – again!
So, I’m going back in time… all the way back to Thursday!

The reason I decided to go back to Thursday, is that the French theme continued on that day! Instead of my yogurt and fruit, I opted for an amazing croissant from Bread & Chocolate. Wow. I do love croissant – but I so rarely have them. Sigh. I did not eat the entire pastry, I gave a bite to my friend Katherine 🙂

I was so surprised that the pastry kept me full until 12:30 in the afternoon. I went for a short walk at lunch because there was a break in the constant rain… but it only lasted a few minutes!  Because I did not eat the yogurt on Thursday morning, I opted to bring it for lunch!

This is low fat Stoneyfield yogurt, raspberries, and my own Mix My Granola (chai seeds, dried blueberries, etc) – it is soo good! I also included three strawberries on the side, and I had a hard boiled egg for some extra protein (oh, and because I’m a freak – I only ate half the yolk…) The egg was a bit of a mess, so no photo was taken 🙂

After work Ben and I met up in the Back Bay and decided to spend a lot of the evening walking around the great city of Boston. We popped into The Melting Pot where Ben got one of his favorite drinks, a spiced pear martini, and I had a glass of Pinot Noir. We also enjoyed this lump crab cake together:

We had a fun time going into some of our favorite shops (Lululemon and Vineyard Vines especially!)

I was extra happy that it was Thursday night because I had taken Friday off from work…. an early weekend for me!  I really enjoyed Thursday night, and I slept in on Friday morning.

I enjoyed a great breakfast on Friday:

Breakfast was a small bowl of yogurt with raspberries, granola and a TJ’s wheat bran muffin – I love these muffins because they are only 80 calories!

Friday was a super busy day… I ended up running errands and then picking up Ben from work at around 3:45. From there we drove to Schenectady, New York where we went to my college reunion at Union College. It was a busy and super fun weekend!


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