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Thursday, lunch in a pinch

Hey all –

On Wednesday I was running late to work, and I was sort of out of my easy turkey sandwich fixings… so I skipped packing my lunch and was stuck buying pizza at the caf at work. I hate it when I have to buy lunch, especially when I have a really busy day at work and only have time to eat in the caf.  I really do not like the caf food very much and it always seems really expensive to me. Oh well.

Today I really did not want to have to buy lunch again. I got up a little earlier this morning to make sure I could put something together, even though I didn’t have too many options in the kitchen.   Lunch in a pinch is exactly why I keep cans of soup in the kitchen cabinet!!  This morning I grabbed a can of Trader Joe’s organic veggie / lentil soup, a few crackers and a few pieces of cantaloupe. I thought the cantaloupe would be a mid-morning snack, but I was able to save it for lunch.

I am also currently out of my instant oatmeal… this was a problem this morning because I thought about making stove top oats or oat bran, but I also wanted to get to work early…. so I decided to go across the street to my favorite bakery – Bread & Chocolate!  I am so thrilled to report that I have a new favorite breakfast item from B&C! This morning I got to chat with Eunice… and I realized as I was there talking with her that it had been way too long since I had last been to the bakery.

My morning muffin was an orange poppy seed muffin. Yum. It went perfectly with the medium French roast coffee that I also got at B & C. While I can’t eat there everyday, it is soo wonderful when I do! I can also tell that my stomach is getting better at surviving from breakfast to lunch – because even though I did not have oats this morning, I made it until 12:15 easily today.

Lunch was pretty good this afternoon, considering that I threw it together as I was running out of the house!  The Trader Joe’s organic veggie lentil soup is almost as good as Amy’s lentil soup and it is less expensive.  I had half the can today, and then saved the rest of the soup for tomorrow’s lunch.

About two hours after lunch, I enjoyed my last Trader Joe’s oatmeal and raisin cookie.  (these things were soooo good!)

And at around 4:30 I had my almonds and raisins.

After work Ben and I went to one of our favorite local hang outs, aptly called The Local. It’s a great restaurant / bar and it’s a lot of fun.  I enjoyed a Whale Tale beer and a few snacks while we were there. Ben had a Kobe beef burger. I didn’t have dinner there, I was not really hungry for a restaurant meal and nothing from the menu really grabbed me.  When I got home from The Local I had a really big glass of milk… and I haven’t figured out dinner yet!  I should go and get on that…

Go Blue Devils!  Duke is playing at 9:40 tonight, which means it’s going to be a late night for me…  I’ll see ya’ll tomorrow!


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