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Wednesday – dinner with Mom!

Wednesday night after work, Ben and I got in the car and drove down to Rhode Island to see my mom.

Ben and my mom had a Saint Patrick’s dinner a day late. My mom made corn beef and veggies…  she also made an amazing soup pictured here:

This is a sweet potato soup (click for the recipe at  My mom made a few adjustments to the recipe… she did not have veggie broth, so she used chicken broth (it tasted great!) and instead of red curry paste, she used red curry powder…   the soup was fantastic.  It was so different and just tasted fresh and wonderful. The coconut milk gave it such a unique flavor – I cannot wait to make it and have it again!

While Ben and my mom were eating an Irish dinner, I enjoyed a great salad:

The salad had lettuce, carrots, turkey, a hard boiled egg, cucumbers and croutons.  It was a great mix!

My mom also picked up a wonderful loaf of rye bread from Seven Stars Bakery in Providence. We heated the bread in the oven, and it was just perfect with our meals.

It was wonderful to go home during the  week to visit with my mom and have dinner with her. I think this could be one reason this week seemed to go by rather quickly for me 🙂 I cannot believe that tomorrow is Friday!

I have so much to get done over the weekend, but I’m hoping Ben and I will be able to squeeze in time for a nice hike on Saturday afternoon. It is supposed to be sunny and not too cold on Saturday… fingers crossed that the forecast holds true!

OK, only about twenty minutes until the Duke game… I’ve got to get ready! See ya’ll tomorrow!


One thought on “Wednesday – dinner with Mom!

  1. Glad you and Ben were able to come down to dinner. I finished the soup last night and enjoyed it to the last spoonful! The ginger root gave it a wonderful flavor as well as the coconut milk!

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