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Grill Pan

Sometimes all you need for a great dinner are a few simple things – and one of those things in my book, is a grill pan! I also had some great, fresh ingredients to work with – and that always helps. I had a chicken breast, a yellow pepper, a vidalia onion and fresh tomatoes.…… Continue reading Grill Pan

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I had a quiet but good day today. I read the paper, had coffee, ate a health breakfast of fruit and almonds: I was thrilled to enjoy blue berries in January. The bananas and cantaloupe were very good and seasonal. I added the almonds for some protein and healthy fat 🙂 For lunch I had…… Continue reading Sunday

Cooking · Dinner

Day off… oh, and a Dinner via Bittman

…from the blog. Sort of. Hey All – Today was one of those super busy days at work. I did not photograph my food. For breakfast I had a cup of coffee with skim milk on the go, on the train. I was planning on having breakfast on the bus, but was able to eat…… Continue reading Day off… oh, and a Dinner via Bittman


Veggie Stir Fry To The Rescue!

Hey Bloggies – Wow, it was a seriously long day at work. With the rain, and the never ending hunger, I really thought the day would never end. Well, it was not quite that bad, but it was a pretty bad combo! It is a good thing that tomorrow is another day 😀 Thankfully I…… Continue reading Veggie Stir Fry To The Rescue!