A Re-Cap of the Sickly Weekend

Hey Bloggies –

Well, I thought I would write a brief re-cap of the weekend. Friday I was exhausted – I could not get out of bed all day. For a while I was getting really nervous that I was actually coming down with the flu because I felt achy, feverish and soo 100% exhausted.  But I think resting and staying in for an entire day was actually a helpful thing.

After breakfast and lunch on Saturday, I had to go home and go to bed. I slept and rested for the rest of the day. I enjoyed a couple of cups of tea and finished my book Sarah’s Key. If you have not read this book yet, I highly recommend it.

On Sunday, I went with Mark and a few of our friends to see the movie Avatar at Imax. It was an amazing movie, one of the first full length films I have seen in 3-D (not to mention in Imax).

Wow, I am exhausted, yet again so I am getting ready for bed. Today I had more of an appetite… which I think is a sign that I am on the mend. One of the things that happens to me when I have a cold is that I am never hungry, and I do not feel like drinking fluids – sort of the worst thing when you are fighting off a cold or the flu!  Fluids are the most important thing (I think) when you’re trying to get better. Thankfully I was able to force myself to drink water, orange juice  and tea while I was not feeling myself.

I really hope that I will be back to my old self soon. This week I will be concentrating on eating well and getting lots of sleep. Hopefully this will be a winning combo!

I hope you are all staying healthy and had a great weekend.

See you tomorrow!


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