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Weekend Re-cap and Monday so far…

HI All –

Wow, this weekend was super busy, thus not too much time for blogging. 😦

Saturday we were really lucky to be in Maine – it rained all day in the Boston area, but we escaped the wet weather. It was cloudy, but a great day for a hike – which is what we did after breakfast. It was beautiful, and a couple of hours long – pictures to come soon! After our hike we had lunch, and then decided to take a walk down to the Lake and back. It was a great post-lunch walk, much needed after I enjoyed more than a few chips with my turkey, swiss and veggie humus sandwich – which was super good. There is nothing like a hearty sandwich after an awesome hike in the woods.

Sunday the sun was out and after breakfast we went down to the lake again (I decided to make my walk a quick run). We took the boat out and swam in the middle of the lake, which was a little cold – but it was great to swim in the middle of September!

I had a hard time thinking about going to work this morning after such a fun but quick mini-vacation. Thankfully I had sort of organized my things the night before… but I hadn’t packed my lunch, which sort of slowed me down. I left the house at 7:15 this morning and got to work at 8:30 – traffic was tough!  So much so that I did something I rarely do these days, I ate breakfast in the car! It was a Luna sunrise bar –

I actually really love these bars. The vanilla, strawberry and blueberry are all wonderful.  I had the bar at 7:45 while I was stuck in traffic. I nibbled on it for a good ten minutes, and it sort of made the drive a bit more enjoyable. I wish I had been smart enough to set up the coffee maker the night before – next time!

I was able to get out of the office for my 12 o’clock walk. We walked for about a half an hour. It was beautiful out today – I simply adore September weather when it is sunny and low humidity.  I love fall – it is my favorite season of all. 🙂

Lunch today was a turkey sandwich with lettuce, veggie humus and dijon mustard with  a side of grapes.  I also had a few ginger cat cookies that Katherine brought in for me as a treat (thanks – they are my favorite!)


Please pardon the appearance of this horrible photo taken via the iPhone… I am blogging in transit as I am not going home tonight and have not posted in a few days! 

Tonight I am heading to Brookline to meet up with my great friend Jennifer. We are going to see The Time Traveler’s Wife and we are very interested to see how they adapted one of our favorite books for the big screen.

I hope you all have a great night. I will be back tomorrow with my usual re-cap and post. I am hoping to get a run in tomorrow after work – fingers crossed that the knee continues to recover! 🙂

See ya’ll tomorrow.


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