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Is a Latte Breakfast?

Hi All –

Wow, I have to say rarely do I have a super busy day when I literally do not have time to eat lunch – but today was one of those days! Craz-y! It went by very quickly, and I got a lot packed into my work day and post – work day, so that is pretty cool!

Last night after work I went over to my friend Jennifer’s. We had plans to see the movie The Time Traveler’s Wife, which was a very interesting movie. Jennifer and I had both enjoyed the book, and we were eager to see how the movie would end up. It was good, and very sad – which we expected. Before the movie we went over to Panera for a quick dinner. I had been craving a bowl of soup, so I was happy with ordering Panera’s french onion soup for dinner. I really do like that you can get the nutritional information on Panera’s menu items on their website. My bowl of french onion soup was 250 calories, 11 grams of fat, and 10 grams of protein. Not too bad!

I really liked my commute from Brookline Village this morning. I left Jenn’s apartment at 6:50 this morning and was happily on my way. The weather this morning was beautiful, and I really enjoyed my walk through the neighborhood. I stopped by Starbucks and ordered a skinny vanilla latte to enjoy on the T ride – it made my commute to work so much more fun! 🙂 The latte kept me full for a good portion of the morning, and that got me to wondering – do some people consider a latte a substitute for breakfast? My latte this morning was 130 calories, 12 grams of protein and 40% of my daily calcium – wow! But at 9:30 this morning, I needed some more substance so I enjoyed a Kashi granola bar because it was all I had at my desk and it certainly did the trick.


At lunch I was able to get out for a twenty five minute walk, and I was really happy to do so with the beautiful day we were having. I am especially glad I got out because it is going to be cloudy and possibly rainy at least for the next two days.

I snuck away from my desk at 2:30 this afternoon to grab my lunch and I ate it quickly at my desk while still working away at a few projects I have going on. I love being busy – but I did not like going so long without nourishment. At 3:30 I was feeling a little run down, and I really wanted to splurge on a bag of chips or something sugary – but thankfully I had an apple staring at me and so I opted for the healthy snack instead.


Despite my busy day at work, I was able to get out of work on time. I got home around 5 o’clock. I gave myself a few minutes to catch up with my mom and unwind. I threw in a load of laundry, enjoyed a few almonds and got ready to hit the gym.

My gym workout was pretty low key today. As I wrote last week, my knee was giving me a hard time Thursday through Sunday of this past week. I really wanted to run today, but I did not want to put stress on the knee, so I ran a steady two and a quarter miles – and no pain! I decided that was enough for the day – I did not want to go to far too fast. But I did twenty minutes of weights after the run which felt great.

I made pasta, tomato sauce and sausage for dinner tonight. My mom commented that there was no food in the house, so I took it upon myself to find something that I could make us for dinner and turn into our lunches for the next day. We had a few sausages left over from the cassoulet recipe I made a few weeks ago. I took one out of the freezer before I went to the gym, and it was fully thawed by the time I got back. I cut it up into little pieces and cooked it in a pan. Once the pieces were cooked through, I added Newman’s own tomato sauce with garlic and heated up the sauce with the pieces of sausage. Added a bit of spaghetti to the mix, and called it dinner!

Well, it is getting late and I have had a long day… I am going to wrap things up for now. But I will be back tomorrow night – hopefully after a ‘normal’ day. I hope you are all having a good week – and I will see you soon!


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