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Hey All –

I do not know what to say about this week. Sometimes the week seems to be going by quickly, and at other moments it seems to be crawling. I guess the week cannot make up it’s mind 😉 This morning I took the train with Timmy. We were really thankful to have a non-eventful commute on the commuter rain this morning. With a near miss [head on collision] on Monday and an actual commuter train hitting something on Tuesday, I was just a little nervous today! Thankfully we arrived safely!

Breakfast was sort of on the small side today – with a big cup of coffee! I had a Stoneyfield strawberry yogurt with a teaspoon or so of ground flax and a teaspoon of PB2 mixed in. I have never mixed PB2 into fruity yogurt – I really liked it.


I ended up having a second cup of coffee this morning. Somehow I made it until 12:15 for lunch, with just that small yogurt in my tummy! Lunch was leftover pasta with the sauce from last night…. with a kashi cookie, oatmeal and flax, I think?



At 3:30 I was hungry and instead of snacking mindlessly (not that I do that very much) I had about twenty little peanuts. These held me over until dinner which was at 8:30. I am amazed. After work I took my walk to South Station, which is just over a mile. I was so impressed that my Dansko clogs were so comfy on this walk – they were amazing. It was the first time I have walked 1.2 miles in anything but sneakers – so exciting, I felt like a grown up! 🙂 Then I took the train home. Ugh. It was running very slowly tonight and it seemed to take forever. Here is a picture of me on the frickin’ train. I was really eager to get home and get going on my to-do list!


“Get me off this train” I am thinking here. But thankfully I had a great book with me. I am still reading Lorrie Moore’s A Gate at the Stairs. I am really enjoying it – and having a great book on the train is such a lifesaver!

I went shopping (someone in my family is having a birthday later this week!) Shopping for others is fun 🙂 And it is good exercise!

When I got home well after 8 o’clock tonight, I realized I should have gone to the grocery store… I had planned to do a shopping trip tomorrow night to get some ingredients for a birthday dinner on Friday night. This means that I did not have too much stuff for dinner tonight. However, I yet again threw together something for dinner. A french omelette, a piece of toast and an awesome glass of Silk chocolate soy milk which was yum-o!

The omelette came out well, but not quite as pretty as my first attempt. Tonight I used 2 eggs, freshly ground pepper, a small pinch of kosher sea salt, garlic, chives, and a small sprinkle of Swiss cheese. These ingredients worked very well together and made my eggs very good.


Dinner was good. I see a piece of bread with Nutella in my future, I think 🙂

I hope everyone is having a good day and week. Hopefully I will have more time to write more soon!


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