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Fall is in the Air

Hey All –

Happy Hump Day. I feel particularly proud after surviving a sort of long day! 🙂 Because of a decent exit off of my train car, my awesome and new short cut, and the fact that the bus was RIGHT THERE when I got to the stop – I got to work five minutes earlier this morning. Sweet!

My overnight oats were even better this morning! I remembered to add cinnamon and nutmeg into the mixture last night – I cannot believe I forgot it for Tuesday’s mix. It was missed! The fresh strawberries and blueberries were so great. I added another spoonful of Barney Butter to the mix too. I think the almond butter gives the oats just a little more staying power.



Breakfast was particularly satisfying today.

Lunch was at 12:25 this afternoon. This is when I realized how dull my nightly blog post was going to be… because I was eating basically the same thing as yesterday. But the eggplant parmesan was really good today, too!


But it looks pretty disgusting. As I was packing my lunch bag last night, it fell off of the kitchen counter – so things got a bit mixed up – thankfully the leads were on my little containers!


At four o’clock I had a trail mix bar from Trader Joe’s and it was really good. I did not realize that there would be a few mini-chocolate chips in the bar… it was really good and knocked the afternoon munchies right out of me 🙂


I walked my 1.2 miles to the train station after 5 o’clock tonight. I was on the train by 5:40 (it only takes 15 or 16 minutes to walk to the train – but I had extra time to get a new train pass this afternoon). Tim and I sat together during our trip back to Prov – thank goodness because we had a few delays along the way. We [finally] got off the train at 6:50. During our delay I snacked on a small handful of peanuts. I was so happy to have a snack in my lunch bag still!

After getting home I had to head back out to run some errands. I finally got home and prepared a great spinach salad and sat down just in time (right at 8!) to hear President Obama give his speech to the nation tonight!

Here is what my salad looked like:


Spinach, hard boiled egg, tomato, carrots, cucumber, croutons, and a gross salmon burger leftover. I am so sad that I do not like these salmon burgers. Here is what was left after I was finished with my salad:


Eww. Everything else was great though! To make up for some lack of protein, I had a glass of organic 1% milk and a spoonful of protein powder 🙂 I think that will give me another 10 grams of protein…

Well, that is about all I have for you guys tonight. Tomorrow I will be back at the gym. I am packing my gym bag tonight, because I am driving to work I can make myself go right to the gym after work tomorrow. We shall see!!

Catch ya’ll tomorrow.


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