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Tuesday: Work, run, salad

Hi All –

Hope you all had a good day back to work, for those of you who do that sort of thing 🙂 I actually felt well rested this morning as I got ready to head out to the train this morning! I was so happy to have my breakfast and lunch already packed from last night, it was such a time saver. I also had all of my clothes picked out for work today which was a huge help.

I drank my iced coffee with chocolate soy milk while on the train this morning. When I got in to South Station I was the third person off of my train car and I discovered a short cut out of South Station that leads me right to the bus stop to get to my office. Sweet! And then I waited (well over) a few minutes for my bus to come… you have got to love the post Labor Day traffic. It makes all commutes longer – even when you are not actually driving!

I got to work at 8:30 this morning and dug into my over night oats with fruit right away – I was starving! I had a to go pack of Barney Butter which was awesome on the oats and fruit, it really made breakfast perfect!


I survived until 12:15 for lunch. I loved my leftover eggplant parm, with a few whole wheat pastas and a can of Polar seltzer, which was really satisfying.


One of our art conservators is recently back from a trip to Moscow. She brought my colleagues and I a great “bar” of chocolate which we were able to enjoy today as an after lunch snack.


Wow – this was so interesting and fantastic. It was a ‘bitter’ chocolate, but the bitterness was not overwhelming. There are air bubbles locked into the chocolate which makes you feel like the chocolate dissolves right in your mouth.


I had three or four pieces of the chocolate through out the day! It was soooo good. At three o’clock I needed an apple to get me through until the end of the day. I did not realize it was actually going to get me through until 8 o’clock tonight!


I walked to South Station from the office which is 1.2 miles. It was a really nice walk today because it was sort of cool and still sunny this afternoon. I was home a few minutes before seven this evening and somehow I had enough energy to get my butt to the gym. I was not there for long, just long enough to run 2.2 miles in just over twenty minutes. It was not a stellar day – but I covered 3.4 miles, so not too bad for the first day back into the exercise groove. 🙂

After the run I popped by East Side Market to get a bunch of spinach and a tomato to incorporate into my dinner. Before doing the food shopping I enjoyed a few peanuts to keep me going until I got home to make dinner.


I had a large salad, 1/3 cup of brown rice, and half of a salmon burger. It was a fairly colorful meal!


Well, that about wraps up the day. I’ve got to get back into the kitchen to pack everything up for tomorrow. See ya’ll tomorrow!


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