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Happy Spring, everyone. I wonder if Spring is going to stick around for a couple of weeks this time…. we had a taste of spring last weekend and then we had snow and ice on Tuesday night into Wednesday morning. My car was covered in ice on Wednesday morning. It made getting to work a challenge. Who would expect snow and ice in the middle of April? Sigh.

This week was a healthy eating week – but I wasn’t able to exercise as much outside as I had hoped to. (excuses, excuses) The week was also very busy and I did not get to the gym.

On Sunday I made a lot of salads, and packed two for the work week. One was Monday’s lunch and the other was Tuesday’s lunch:

Image 5.jpg

On Tuesday night I got out the new mandolin to make Zoodles (zucchini noodles). I really thought I would have extra zoodles for Wednesday’s lunch…

Zoodles were a little bit of a production. But it was so well worth it!


Putting together the tool of danger after carefully washing it. I got the zucchinis ready to go and started making the cuts… before I knew it I had a lot of zoodles!

Image 2.jpg

I cooked the zoodles with some onion and garlic in a little bit of olive oil. We added a little bit of tomato sauce just enough to bring the mixture together and added some grilled chicken and a pinch of some grated cheese. This dinner is amazing!!

Image 4.jpg

I went back for more zoodles, and the bf went back for more of everything! Between the two of us we did not have any leftovers 🙂 So for Wednesday night I made a veggie burger on a sandwich thin surrounded by a lot of fresh vegetables! It was also delicious.

Image 5.jpg

Today I went for a hilly outdoor run – it was great to feel the warmth of the sun, but it was also fairly breezy (that’s spring for you!) it felt great to get outside, but it also made me realize that I have a lot of work to do to get back into my awesome running shape. I’m happy that I started in earnest today. After my run I made sure to eat a healthy lunch – it is funny how hungry you can get after going for a run! I found some really healthy stuff in the kitchen and made a sort of odd but filling lunch for myself:

Image 1.jpg

Tuna, black bean salsa (from Wegman’s!) an apple and PB2 mixed into a peanut buttery spread. It was all great and I liked the mixture of fruit and protein.

Well, we are off to run errands. Stay tuned for updates on the half marathon training and healthy eats! See you soon!


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