Breakfast · Lunch


From the moment I started waking up this morning, I could tell it was going to be one of those mornings. The first thought that popped into my head… how much sleep did  I actually get last night? The answer – frightening. Maybe 5 hours, if I was lucky.

The second thought? How is today only Tuesday? Sigh.

I knew immediately that coffee was much needed before I started driving to work. Thankfully I had taken the time the night before to prepare and pre-set my coffee maker to start brewing at 5:35AM. I went downstairs, found my favorite coffee mug and started enjoying coffee. I brought it upstairs and I continued to get ready for work. People who know me know it is a bad sign when I need coffee after only being awake for about two minutes. Today my bathroom looked like this:

Sometimes when you are having a blah morning, you need to spice things up – which is what I decided to do today. I found a cute pair of shoes and put them on. For the rest of the day, people were telling me how much they loved my shoes. 🙂

On a positive note, I was happy that I had taken the extra time after my five mile run in the rain to stretch, foam roll and ice my knees. The entire production takes a good 45 minutes some nights – but it is always well worth it. I had no aches or pains this morning. Definitely an awesome thing to be thankful for.

After getting ready for work, I made my way downstairs again for more coffee and the morning smoothie.

In the mix today:

1 small banana

1 handful of blueberries

1/2 C Greek yogurt

2T PB2

A sprinkle of both chia and flax seeds

1/2 Scoop of vanilla protein powder

1 handful ice

1/4 C water

I finished up my mug of coffee, poured another travel mug full of coffee and made it out the door with my bag, my lunch bag, my smoothie cup, a travel mug and a water bottle shoved into my work bag. I was loaded down with lots of stuff – and I even managed to set the alarm and lock the door as I left the house, somehow.

Work was super busy and productive, which is always a great thing.  An even better thing is that one of my favorite people made blueberry muffins and brought one to work for me. Thank you, Colleen. The freshly picked blueberries made all of the difference in this classic BB Muffin recipe – which I will post as soon as I dig up my own copy of the recipe.

I was crazed at work for a bit, so Colleen wrapped my muffin and labeled it so no one else ate it. I finally had enough time to grab it at lunch – a perfect addition to my salad!


Unwrapped and about to be eaten:

So. Good.

Today I had lunch with Katherine in her office. It was slightly overcast and neither of us really felt like going for a walk. We had a lot to catch up on, so we spent our lunch time eating and chatting.

For lunch today I had another salad, with another [almost perfectly cooked] hard boiled egg.





Orange pepper

Sliced almonds, a couple of peanuts

Annie’s light Goddess dressing

I had a slice of 12 grain bread and peanut butter just in case – but I did not need it, thanks to Colleen’s amazing muffin.

At 3 o’clock I had my 2% Chobani Greek Yogurt and it was delish. Tonight is my night off from running and training – dinner instead with one of my good friends from college. More on that soon.

Hope everyone else had a great Tuesday. See you soon.


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