The Rest of Sunday…

One question – where the heck did the weekend go? How is it actually Sunday evening? Ugh. So sad. The weekends never seem long enough to me. Anyhow. After my run this morning, I enjoyed some down time. The smoothie was really satisfying. I watched some Meet The Press. I did some computer work. I talked to one of my best friends about some important things going on in her life. I did some more computer research and talked to a few others.

Before I knew it, it was one o’clock. I had to get my show on the road. I was starting to get hungry, and I could not really figure out what to do about it. So, I headed to the fridge and grabbed a handful of carrots and ate them. Then I had two bites of a ‘potato salad’ (with just a touch of mayonnaise – sort of light) from WF and it was good.    I packed a granola bar before I left the house, just in case my hunger came back while I was out walking around Providence.

Mom and I had a lovely afternoon walking around the East Side. We went into a few shops. I’ll write about that tomorrow probably. We walked a good mile, maybe a little more. Eventually we ended up at Starbucks. We ordered two drinks, and sat outside to enjoy them. Mom was smart – she had a hat:


I had a tall Frappuccino light. A tall is 110 calories. It was a nice sweet treat, and pretty refreshing on this hot summer day – it was almost 90 degrees this afternoon.

Later this afternoon, I got home and started reading The Hunger Games the moment I got home. I cannot wait to start it again, in just a few minutes. I love finding a good book that I do not want to put down!

At 5 o’clock I was getting hungry – but it was too early to make dinner. One of my friends gave me a pretty brilliant idea. He gave me the idea of a caprese salad for dinner. I took the advice, and changed it up a bit for a pre-dinner snack. It was soo good.


A touch of mozzarella cheese on whole wheat baguette, toasted. Slices of avocado and tomato on top with just a touch of sea salt. Wow. This got me through until I started dinner at 6:50.

Sometimes I feel like I should be tagged as a professional salad maker. I feel like the only thing I do sometimes, is make salads. Tonight was no exception. I made three salads:


One salad for tonight. One salad to bring to work for lunch, and one salad for mom to have for lunch tomorrow. A lot of chopping. I guess it is a good sign that people like my salads. 🙂

Tonight’s salad was pretty – and it was tasty:


In the mix:



red & orange peppers


sliced almonds


[more] avocado

the rest of the turkey breast from WF

The final product included a piece of the whole wheat bread with a touch of butter and fresh garlic. I topped the salad with 1/2 a T of Annie’s light goddess dressing and a tablespoon of balsamic.


Ok, I’m done for tonight. Back to The Hunger Games. See you tomorrow!


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