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Family Dinner

Hey All –

I hope everyone is enjoying the weekend, I am. I spent a while cleaning my room (much needed). Mom and I went for a great walk / run this afternoon. Mom walked 3/4 miles with me, I ran 1 1/2 miles while she read her book, and the we walked the 3/4 mile back. It was beautiful out and a perfect temperature.

After the walk / run, I chopped up an apple, added a tablespoon of Barney Butter and enjoyed my afternoon snack. A handful of peanuts soon followed. I guess I didn’t realize that I had skipped lunch, so I snacked through the afternoon I guess.


Later in the afternoon, my sister came home and we went through a menu for tonight’s family dinner. Sarah had brussels sprouts, salmon, green beans and pesto on the menu. I was in charge of the pesto, and mincing up garlic for her other dishes. I was going to make a peach clafoutis for dessert, but none of us were hungry after dinner.

Green beans:




Salmon in the oven:


Sarah shaking up the sprouts:


We roasted the brussels sprouts in the oven with garlic. Once they were browned, Sarah put them into a ziplock bag with dijon mustard and brown sugar and shook them up. They were fantastic.

Here is what my plate looked like:



I am really glad that I got to get outside today and enjoy the awesome weather, especially since it is going to rain tomorrow. See y’all tomorrow!


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