Low Key Afternoon

I always have mixed emotions about Sunday afternoons. When I have time to relax and unwind, I really like Sunday afternoons quite a bit. However, I am always reminded that my weekend is in the twilight of its existence, and that my busy week is about to start in just a few hours. This weekend has been very relaxing for me, and I have enjoyed all of the family time and cooking we have done together.

I have done quite a bit this afternoon, and it is not over yet – what a good feeling! As I type I am enjoying the Red Sox game, and they just went up 2-1 against Baltimore. What fun! This morning I was working in my room. I took out a lot of my winter clothes (turtle necks, sweaters and wool pants) but as I was going through this spring wardrobe annual exercise, I began to wonder…. When is it ever truly safe to put away your winter clothes in New England?? I always do this too early. As I type and continue to think about this, I find it ironic that I am putting away my winter clothes for the season as I sip on a piping hot cup of tea, and I am wearing a turtleneck and a pair of jeans… hmm.


I fear I am going to miss these warm clothes…

Once I finished re-organizing my wardrobe, I was left with the crazy feeling that I have nothing to wear for Springtime. This is simply not true. I have clothes. I have a lot of pants, but I might be a little weak in the shirt / top department. I am going to head to the attic and fish out my spring / summer clothes that are somewhere up there.

One reason I always feel that I have a lack of clothes is probably because I hate shopping for clothes. I don’t mind shopping, and I did in fact go to the mall today with my mom and sister. My sister needed clothes for work, and ended up with three skirts and a top from Banana Republic. I went to the mall to walk around, get a change of scenery and check out Williams Sonoma and other foodie stores.

I might hate shopping for clothes, but I love shopping for cookbooks. I have sort of a cookbook problem, actually. Today I picked up the latest of Thomas Keller’s masterpieces… Ad Hoc At Home. I love this cookbook and the illustrations are soo fun:


My mom also enjoyed looking at the book while we had lunch:


Lunch was sort of disappointing – at least for me. I cooked up a can of Amy’s cream of mushroom soup and heated up the last of my flat bread.



My mom and sister finished their soup, but I had a bit left in my bowl at the end of lunch. The bread was fantastic – I heated it up in the toaster oven and it was nicely browned and just a little crunch. The soup on the other hand was soooooo salty. I just do not understand why canned soup has to be so full of sodium. It drives me nuts! I should have known, but I was so cold that I really thought soup would be a perfect idea. I like most of the Amy things – but I cannot recommend this soup, I’m sad to say 😦

Other wise, I have enjoyed flipping through my latest purchase – and I am now officially excited for the Thomas Keller signing in a couple of weeks.



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