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A Good Monday

What’s up!?  We have all survived Monday – I think we deserve a pat on the back or something. Bravo, everyone!  I was up around 5:45 this morning and the day was off and running. I was sitting at my desk at work by 7:25 this morning. I enjoyed the rest of my travel mug of coffee (in the mix, french roast coffee, skim milk and a splash of my mom’s international vanilla flavored ‘cream’). It was a great mug of coffee this morning.

Breakfast was around 8:30 or so. Waiting an extra hour really made a difference for me. Or perhaps it was the brand of oatmeal I decided on. I had a choice – low sugar Quaker or Kashi (with protein and fiber!) I chose wisely, Kashi.

Thankfully I had a busy morning at work, and it went by really quickly. At 11:30 I realized I was quite hungry. Using will power to get through until lunch, I had a really small snack… two strawberries. They were soo good!

At noon I left my desk, and went outside for a twenty-minute walk. Today I walked by myself, because my colleagues all thought it was going to rain or be really cold. Guess what? It was rather beautiful outside!  It was also very quiet.  On a normal spring day I usually pass about thirty to forty people during my walk. Today I passed one runner, one biker and two walkers. The solitude was actually sort of nice.

Lunch was sort of lame… I did not pack anything because there was nothing left over from the awesome dinner I made the night before (more on that later).  I grabbed an Amy’s burrito:

These burritos really do not look pretty at all – but they are so good. Of course, a lot of sodium, but because of my own laziness, I did not have much of a choice today. Oops.  After an hour and a half, I went down to the staff kitchen to grab the other part of my lunch – a greek yogurt with fresh blackberries and blueberries

This was sooooo good, I can’t wait to have another one tomorrow!  Through out the day, I snacked on a total of ten Trader Joe’s peanut butter pretzels, too 🙂

After work, I got in the car and drove straight to the gym. I’m sort of surprised that I had a workout in me – and I am so glad that I got to it today.  Tuesdays are a hard day for me to hit the gym, and the rest of my week is sort of up in the air  –  I know there are at least two nights I will be working late. So I had to get to the gym tonight.  Soo… 45 minutes on the elliptical machine, doing intervals.   Fun times!

After the gym, I went over to Whole Foods. I looked at the hot food bar, but decided against it – mostly due to the frozen burrito I had for lunch. Instead I picked up another bag of spinach (it’s amazing how quickly we can go through it at my house!) a red pepper, orange pepper, mushrooms, a protein drink to get me through the week, a loaf of When Pigs Fly sour dough bread (super yum) and a bottle of lavender shampoo – yay!

I used some of the new veggies to make my dinner salad. My dinner was a spinach salad with radish, carrots, tomato, cucumber, red pepper, etc and salmon of which there was just a bit left from Saturday night’s awesome dinner.

A pretty amazing salad:

There are whole wheat croutons on there as well as a splash of balsamic.  I also toasted two small pieces of piggy sour dough bread. I love sour dough so much, but I try not to buy entire loaves of it too often and go with whole wheat, whole grain instead.

Well, it’s 9 o’clock and I’m ready for bed. Lunch is packed for tomorrow, thanks to my mom 🙂  I’ll see y’all tomorrow. Hope you are all having a great week so far.


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