Oh the Wind!

Yesterday I went for a run. I was sooo excited to get out there and get going, because I hadn’t been able to really exercise since Monday. Tuesday was my long day at work (have you noticed I hardly ever workout on Tuesdays??) and Wednesday I did not get home from work until 7:45… it was a long day, and I just did not have a workout in me.

So, Thursday was the day for the run. Or so I thought. Don’t get me wrong – I still did it. The goal in my head was two (lame) miles. I did 2.35, so I accomplished the goal and did a little extra. If you live in the Boston area, you know how frickin’ windy it was yesterday. It made it a super frustrating day to run on my beautiful dirt packed path. During the super windy days the dirt turns into dust. And when you are running, you breathe the dust in. Disgusting.

Here is my beautiful path that I love running on so much (especially in the spring when everything is in bloom and the leaves are back on the trees!)

On the way out the path was great. On the way back the wind was whipping around and blowing into my face.  I hated it for the most part. Dirt was getting in my eyes, even though I had my sports sunglasses on. It was hard to take a breath. But some how I managed to survive. I definitely walked a bit on the way back. Even though the conditions were not the best, I am glad I got out there and got some exercise in and some time outside. It was beautiful 🙂

I have had a headache for the last three days on and off. I think I finally kicked it last night by going to bed super early. Let us hope it does not come back today at work. I am pretty sure it is related to stress. Grr.

I finished Prep last night. I recommend it to you all – even if you did not go to a prep school.

Ok, I am off to start my day – TGIF everyone!


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