Pulled Pork Sandwich

Hi All –

So tonight for dinner mom and I had pulled pork sandwiches. I always think of this as one of my mom’s specialties and I love it when she makes it. She found the recipe a couple of years ago on the All Recipes website. Here is the link: Pulled Pork Sandwiches . The secret ingredient? Root beer. How weird is that? You might think that the pork comes out tasting really sweet, but it does not.

Mom cooked the pork in our slow cooker for several hours, in the root beer.


Then she shredded it, and we added a bottle of barbecue sauce.


I hardly ever eat pork, but it is a super lean meat. I have not had meat in several days, and I really enjoyed it tonight. I filled up my plate with vegetables and a little bit of baked beans, which I did not finish. But my plate was very pretty tonight.


Even though I was rather starving tonight, I ate my dinner very slowly. The vegetables really helped me take my time in eating – so they served their point on the plate! Normally I prepare a recipe for coleslaw a la Mark BIttman when we make this pulled pork – but it totally slipped my mind today.

My sandwich was soo good:


I highly recommend trying out the pulled pork recipe if you have a slow cooker. It is so easy, and the end result is fantastic! I hope you enjoy it as much as we do. 🙂


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