The Road to Recovery…

Today I took a big step in my road to recovery… I went to the gym! It was raining outside, so I knew I could not go for my walk outside. I called my gym to see if I could re-activate my gym membership which had been ‘frozen’ for the past couple of months while I was sick. The woman said she couldn’t activate my account today, but she could do it by tomorrow and she would let me work out for free today!

I was so thrilled. I had been bumming around the house, and this gave me something to do! I would not characterize what I did as a ‘work out’ but it was something. I walked a slow two miles on the treadmill and then I read my book and biked a slow three miles (on resistance 1 and 2, before I was sick, I biked at a 5 – 8!) Walking on the treadmill was soo boring. At least I could read my book on the bike. I thought it was pretty lame, but I reminded myself – you have to start somewhere!

I burned about 250 calories (according to the machines, not that I am paying attention to that sort of thing right now) and I could definitely feel endorphins start to kick in. After my hour workout, I felt great. I went next-door to my favorite grocery store and literally walked around and looked at different items. I payed special attention to their wonderful organic and natural section. I am proud to say that I only bought the one thing I needed, whole wheat hamburger buns… pulled pork sandwiches are on the menu tonight!

The real test will be how I feel tomorrow, I guess. But I have every intention to go back and walk and ride the bike again tomorrow. I’ll be back in a bit to tell you about the pulled pork. I am very excited for it, and I will let you know what the secret ingredient is.

Back in a bit!


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