Hi All:

I ate all of the leftovers from last night’s most amazing pasta dinner. It was amazing the next day, too. I think over night the pasta and all of the vegetables (oh – and the bacon!) really have a time to meld together. Everything was totally infused and when I heated everything up in my trusty pan, I could just tell how good this was going to be.

In all fairness, I plated up my serving, along with a small piece of baguette (damn Whole Foods for having my favorite bread on sale for ONE DOLLAR!!!) and ate my pasta and vegetables while watching Tony Bourdain in French Polynesia.  At a commercial break, I went back to the kitchen and stole the small amount left in the pan. I was saving it for my mom. I ate it.

For the record, my mom has left overs from her lunch at Pizzico – so don’t feel that badly for her.

I am looking for a movie taking place in Paris, or France. If you have a recommendation leave me a comment!  I think I will watch Sabrina over the weekend. (1954, of course!)

Until tomorrow, bloggies. Oh – and tomorrow I am making banana foster bread pudding – I’m so excited!

Oh – if you live in Providence, check out today’s Groupon. It is 50% off Pizzico (well, 30 dollars worth of food and drink for only $15 – what a great deal!).


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