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Rain Rain GO AWAY

Ugh. It is still raining. The rain was so heavy over night that it woke me up at 3 in the morning. I was lying in bed, just dreading getting up and going to work in this deluge. Luckily the heaviest rain was over night. It was still raining quite a bit this morning, but I just told myself “This could be worse…” somehow.

I got going, got on the train, made it to the office and thankfully did not need to put the extra (dry) pair of jeans I had packed in my work bag “just in case”. Sigh.

I opted for oatmeal this morning, figuring the warm oats might be able to take off the chill in my bones. The jury is still out on that one.


Low sugar Quaker oats (apple cinnamon is the flavor, I think… ) topped with a bit of Whole Foods vanilla granola and a few dried cranberries.


It was really good! But a teaspoon of Barney Butter would have made it even better. At 11 o’clock I was starving. I opted for a mug of peppermint tea (I was still freezing) and I nibbled on the crumbs of my granola 🙂

I made a salad the night before while I was making the other salads. Unfortunately, I don’t think I made quite enough salad. I added a hard boiled egg to the mix and a drizzle of EVOO.


The salad had red peppers, carrots, lettuce, egg, broccoli, cucumbers and grape tomatoes. I also had a few Stacey pita chips, and they really hit the spot. I was totally disappointed that it was still raining at lunch because I was really hoping to go for a walk.

Instead of walking I had my 1/2 a cup of Chobani to finish off my lunch:


At 3 o’clock I had a few Trader Joe’s peanut butter pretzels and an apple:



This apple had been in my lunch bag the last couple of days. I am SO glad that I finally ate it today! I definitely felt like a bottomless pit today. 😦 I am wondering if it could be because of the running over the last couple of days. I have definitely increased my mileage. I also told myself not to get too upset, because at least I was eating healthy food all day!

I left my office at 5:15 today, and it was still raining. Because of this, I opted to take the bus to South Station instead of walking. I really hope to see the sun soon. Our spring – like weather over the weekend was really mean. It is going to be in the twenties on Friday night.

Hopefully you are enjoying warm weather where ever you are!


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