Wednesday – Back to Work

Hey All –

So, I’m recovering. When I woke up this morning I did not think I had enough energy to get to work. But I GOT UP & GOT GOING. I made it to work! (I was somewhat surprised that the roads were not washed out!)

Once I started my day, it felt great to be back at work. I hate being sick. I hate staying home from work when I am sick. I love feeling well and healthy 🙂

I was not 100% back in the swing of things this morning… I had a few dried apricots for breakfast… and then Katherine told me that blueberry scones just came out of the oven in the caf @ work. So, we decided to go down to check them out. I left the caf with a mug of coffee with milk and half a scone. It was warm, and pretty darned good!

It was still raining a bit when I drove in to work this morning. But by lunch, the rain had stopped. I could not talk a single person into going for a lunch time walk with me today (shocking!) but I went on my own. A speedy, 20 minute power walk. It felt great to get outside, and I think I even saw some sun. The next few days are going to be fantastic, weather wise and I cannot wait!

Lunch. Salad and soup continues (I promise to mix it up tomorrow!)


I think my salad was particularly pretty today:


I am really enjoying these multi-grain croutons, I must say 🙂 As I was eating my lunch at my desk, I was talking to one of my work friends. As we were discussing some “work stuff” all of the sudden, my friend looked at my food and then at me. I immediately thought I had food on my face, in my teeth or that I had dropped a vegetable on the floor….

“What?” I asked, staring at my friend wondering what I had just done.

“Nothing.” She responds quickly.

“Really? Did I drop a vegetable?” I asked, glancing around the floor, and at my lap.

“No.” She replies. “I just cannot believe you actually eat food like this!”

I am immediately relieved that I did not have a piece of broccoli in my teeth! “What do you mean?” I ask her.

“Your lunch is just so healthy and your salad is beautiful!” She exclaimed. [We discussed how the caf had chicken wings, cheese burgers and pizza for lunch today…]

I smiled. Then I explained that I pre-chopped all of my veggies on Sunday night and washed and dried and packed all of my lettuce on Monday. I swear, having almost all of your salad stuff prepared for the week really helps me. It would be so easy to just say, “Oh I have no energy or no time to make this salad.” But now I have no excuses. Cheers for salad! I also made sure to mention the oatmeal cookie that was also part of my lunch 🙂

I ended lunch with an oatmeal cookie…


At three o’clock I had my afternoon snack. None other than…. Trader Joe’s peanut butter pretzels.


I did not get into work quite as early as I usually do, so I had to work later than normal, too. I left the office a few minutes before 5 o’clock and got home a few minutes after 6. I could have gone to the gym… but I am still not feeling 100% and I am pretty sure that my gym’s parking lot is flooded. (Or perhaps I am just making excuses. I’m ok with that this week, I guess.)

When I got home I had a baking project to tackle… more on that soon!


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