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Baking and Omelettes

I had a baking project to tackle tonight, after work. I do not usually bake after work. But tomorrow is my intern’s one year anniversary – and I thought a good way to celebrate would be scones for breakfast! Thanks to this handy mixture from Harry & David:


I feel sort of bad using a mix to bake… but I love Harry & David, and I think the scones turned out to be pretty tasty (I hope!). I do not think they tasted like they came from a mix. (Yes, mom and I tried one tonight!) The final result:



I love scones!

Mom offered to make omelettes for dinner – how exciting! Mom sautéed mushrooms, scallions, and onions and then made the omelettes, adding [part skim] mozzarella cheese at the end. I was in charge of toasting our bread and making salads.




I added hot sauce to my omelette. I’m still feeling the spice! This omelette was sooo good.

I am heading for bed. Hope you all had a great Hump Day!


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