Breakfast · Lunch


Happy Spring, everyone! I hope everyone that celebrates Passover and Easter had lovely holidays this week and today 🙂

I had a super busy weekend, and I am fairly exhausted. I will be hitting the hay super early tonight… if I don’t get caught up into opening “night” at Fenway… Go Sox!

Saturday was a really fun day. I woke up wanting to make stove top oats – but it was pretty warm outside. I decided to toast up two organic blueberry waffles. I topped them with a tablespoon of Teddie peanut butter and a bit of jam. I had totally forgotten how much I love this combination!


After breakfast, Mark and I went out into the glorious spring weather we were having. We went for a great walk, and I stopped by CVS to purchase some new skin products with SPF 🙂 Very important for someone who is always so pale!

A few hours later we met up with my mom and sister to go out to lunch. We all love the Grille on Main in East Greenwich and it was a great place for lunch on Saturday. I ordered one of my favorite sandwiches, the Mediterranean falafel pita sandwich. I just adore this sandwich, falafel is one of the things that my dad used to make at home a lot when I was growing up, but I have not started making it on my own – maybe I will soon though! This sandwich has tomato, tahini, lettuce, and hot pepper rings all on a whole wheat pita.


Along with my sandwich, I had an order of sweet potato fries which I split with my mom. I ate a lot of her side salad, too.


After lunch we walked around East Greenwich. It was a beautiful day. I was so happy to see that spring had finally arrived! Later that afternoon Mark and I headed over to our friends Mike and Megan’s to hang out with them, and their two girls.

When the girls were getting ready for bed, they left two carrots out for the Easter Bunny… later we discovered that the Easter bunny had in fact, made an apperance at their house… here is our evidence:


The carrots were nibbled on!

Later that night I prepared for the Duke vs. West Virginia basketball game. If you did not know it already, I am a HUGE Duke basketball game, and have been all my life. One of my parents’ friends once told me that I was a Duke fan even when I was in diapers. It must be the North Carolina roots!

I was wearing my Duke Blue Devils tee-shirt:


Duke beat West Virginia – and it was a really fun game to watch (as long as you are a Duke fan, that is). Lot’s of three pointers! I am nervous and excited for the game tomorrow night. Go Blue Devils!

It was a busy weekend here in Rhode Island. For Easter I went to Mark’s family’s house for Easter and then to my family’s house for Easter. I am going to start thinking about bed soon, honestly. I hope you all had a great day and enjoyed this super warm weather. I have layers of sunblock on my skin at the moment… yuck! But at least it seemed to do the trick today! 🙂

See ya’ll tomorrow!


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