A Special Treat

What do you think of when you see “A Special Treat”? I usually think of one thing… Crème brûlée. Can we say delicious!? I will rarely order this rich, decadent dessert when I am out to dinner. I love no dessert more than crème brûlée.

Well, my mom, Danielle and I were in for quite a treat on Saturday night. My mom made her amazing slow cooked pulled pork, I made Bittman’s coleslaw and oatmeal, raisin and semi-sweet chocolate chip cookies and Mark made vanilla crème brûlée. Oh and he brought the most amazing black berries to boot!

I think we all might agree that dessert was the highlight of our evening (no offense Mom, everyone always loves the pulled pork!). We all watched eagerly as Mark started the pastry torch (I was nervous!) but Mark was definitely having fun:


(Mark playing with fire…)

Here are the ramikins of goodness before the topping was added:


(ingredients: vanilla, egg yolks, cream… no wonder this is my favorite treat!)

The topping is sprinkled on:


White and brown sugar… this is what makes the top crispy after the torch is used.

Mark torching our desserts:


Torch time:



blackberry garnished


Danielle and I were impressed:


We were really eager to eat!



I am hungry just thinking about our special crème brûlée… good thing I am having dinner soon!


5 thoughts on “A Special Treat

    1. Thanks Kate! It was a curly hair day 🙂
      The dessert was totally amazing – restaurant quality at home!

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