Spring Time??

Hi All –

This weekend was a special treat for those of us living in certain areas of New England! It was SPRING. Seriously, it was in the sixties on Thursday, Friday and Sunday. On Saturday it was in the low seventies!! It is still the middle of March, and usually we have snow at this time of year. So we all rushed outside and took full advantage of the spring weather. It got me so excited for the warmer weather!

I definitely did not do a good job documented food, etc. starting on Friday afternoon! But on Friday after work Katherine and I went to LLBean, and then we stopped by Cosi for a much needed chai tea to perk us up!


This latte was sooo yummy. It was sweet, but only about 200 calories and I was surprised it had about 8 grams of protein! Since I never have these sorts of things, I really loved it and enjoyed my special treat!

Saturday morning Katherine and I had to be up really early, but I woke up even earlier because I really wanted stove top oats. I used:

  • 1 cup of oatmeal
  • 1 cup of 1% milk
  • 1 cup water
  • one banana
  • a few dashes of nutmeg and cinnamon

This oatmeal was soo good! It really kept me full for about four hours.

P3200002.JPG I topped my oatmeal with Barney Butter, raisins, and a bit of brown sugar. The oats were sooo creamy (thanks to the banana!)
Katherine and I drove up to Boston for a memorial service and then we had a chance to hang out with some old friends. I left Boston around 2:45, and then went for an AWESOME 4 1/2 mile run! I felt like it was summer time, and I was quite hot. I carried my water bottle with me… and half way through my run, I popped into Starbucks, snagged their ice water and re-filled my water bottle (is that bad!? I justified it because I am a really good Starbucks customer!)
At the end of my 4 1/2 miles, my knee was in a bit of pain, but it was not all that bad. Surprisingly two days after my run my hips were really tight. Hmm. So this morning I looked up hip stretches and found this great link:
Seven Hip Stretches
Check out the link if you ever have tight hips after a long run. I did some of the stretches in my office cube today, and it helped!
Well, the weekend is over and so is the spring weather 😦 I hope it comes back again sometime soon!


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