A Rainy Monday…

Hey Bloggies!!

Well, after several days of awesome spring weather, it was back to the typical March weather today. It was in the 40s, rainy, foggy, windy. What a pleasure for a Monday morning! Somehow I got up, got moving and to work by 7:40 this morning.

Breakfast was the same as usual:


I have not gotten sick of it yet, somehow! I was doing really well in getting to lunch without a morning snack… until Katherine put a small cranberry, orange and oat muffin in front of me. I totally enjoyed it at 11:15 this morning! 🙂 (And forgot to take a picture of it, too)

I had lunch at 12:45. Two pieces of veggie pizza. The pizza was a couple of days old, and it looked a little watery (thanks to the awesome veggies!) But I snapped a quick picture anyway:


Turkey pepperoni, red peppers, green peppers, broccoli with low fat mozzarella cheese 🙂 I was definitely having a tough Monday, and I was hungry. I had a small piece of left over birthday cake after my pizza. 😳

I left work at 4:10 and got to the gym within a hour of leaving the office. I was only going to do 1 mile on the treadmill… but thanks to 3 luna bar energy moons I was able to crank out 3 1/2 miles instead! I was supposed to go easy because of my hips… but somehow the miles got away from me, in a good way! After the treadmill, I did weight lifting for 20 minutes. It was quite a gym workout.

I stopped by East Side Market on my way home and stocked up with fresh produce for the week. Mom and I had quite an amazing dinner tonight! Salads with hard boiled egg and a slice of turkey cut up and smoked salmon on crackers. What a treat!

My salad:



Freshly ground pepper on top and a sprinkle of Newman’s dressing.



I also had a glass of 1% milk. Protein!!

Ok, it is nearly 9 o’clock and I am exhausted! See y’all tomorrow… the meal plan calls for a salad for lunch and an awesome veggie stir fry with brown rice tomorrow. It’s going to be great!


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