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Hey Guys –

Well, it’s Friday. TGIF. This morning I went to the grocery store to get a few things for this weekend. Our friends Nicole & Dwaine are staying with us over the weekend so I needed to stock up on coffee and breakfastie things and snack things. Milk, grapes, apples, coffee, peanut butter (we’re almost out of Teddie) and I also needed instant oatmeal for next week at work.

I came home to make my stove top oats, and discovered that we are somehow out of OATS!!!! I briefly thought about walking back to the the store, but that was not happening. I am actually at home sick – with a head cold, and other stuff. So going to the store at all was a struggle.

I was so mad when I discovered that I did not have oatmeal for breakfast. I was so excited to make them on the stove and add some great stuff to them.  Oh well. I settled on one of the instant oatmeal packages I bought at the store.

Because I did not go to Trader Joe’s, I had to decide what type of oatmeal to get at the store. I settled on Quaker Oats weight control oatmeal – the banana bread flavor.  The oats are 160 calories, 6 grams of fiber, 3 grams of fat and 7 grams of protein.  The oatmeal actually tasted really good, and kept me full for a while. I also had a glass of skim milk along with the oatmeal.

I had lunch a few hours later.  At first I wanted a bowl of soup, but I noticed there was left over tuna in the frige (from my lunch on Wednesday) so I decided to use it for lunch.

Here is what my plate looked like for lunch:

The wrap was very special. A weird combo of things, but it was soooo good!

The wrap was a whole wheat one from TJ’s (130 cal) the first layer of the wrap had a sprinkle of lite Mexican cheese from TJs (60 cal) I heated the wrap up in the microwave… then I added a lot of lettuce, tuna, and a tablespoon of hummus (8, 45, 25 cals) on the side I enjoyed carrot sticks (12 cals) and a bunch of red grapes (68 cals) for a total of about 350 calories for lunch.  The lunch was soo good and filling! I really enjoyed it.

Now if only this headache would go away. I’m going back to bed.



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