Hey All –

I must apologize because I am NOT creative with my blog titles. I just cannot think of good titles, so I go with the day of the week usually… maybe I’ll work on it… maybe.

So, today was day two of the calorie counting and seriously keeping track of what I eat.  Last night I was smart enough to pre-set the coffee maker to start at 6:20 AM. That made getting up this morning a lot easier, I think!

This morning in the coffee I used about 20 calories of skim milk in the coffee. I warmed up the milk in the microwave which made it almost a misto… but not quite. I wish I had time in the morning to steam milk…. that would be awesome.

I got to work at 7:55 this morning!! What a great start to the day. I made my oatmeal at work…

This is a picture of what the oatmeal looks like before it goes into the microwave. After one minute I took out the oats and stirred them, and added 1/4 cup of blueberries and two raspberries to the mix! I nuked them again for another 30 seconds.  The end result was this:

Amazing oats… oh and a teaspoon of Barney Butter mixed in. This bowl of oats really kicked some butt! The calorie total for breakfast was 328 (160 for oatmeal, 23 calories for blueberries, 80 cals for BB and flax, 45 calories for the banana and the 20 calories for skim milk in the coffee).

Lunch was another salad and the last piece of whole wheat pizza 😦 . For this salad, I added a hard boiled egg and this made the salad really good and added some extra protein.

This lunch was sooooooo filling! The egg added an extra 75 calories to lunch. The total calorie total of lunch was 355.  (125 total for the salad, and 230 for the pizza)

I almost forgot to eat my pre-gym snack. At 4pm I had a Stoneyfield low fat vanilla yogurt. (130 Calories)

Ben and I went to the gym directly from work! We packed our gym bags last night and put them in the car this morning. It made such a huge difference going right to the gym and not stopping at home first. At the gym we did our weight lifting together for about 25 minutes and then we split up to do cardio. I did elliptical for 30 minutes. I burned at least 330 calories at the gym.  I also had a super busy day at work and probably burned a few extra calories through out the day. After the gym we had a few errands to run (library, Blockbuster, etc) and I was so happy that I still had half a banana in my lunch bag. At 45 calories it got me through until dinner.

For dinner I had a tamale from Trader Joe’s – it was great! The chicken & cheese tamale is 240 calories. I had a tablespoon of light sour cream which was 18 calories and salasa for ten calories. Guess what?! I was so hungry at dinner that I forgot to take a picture. I even had the camera right next to me. Oops.

With all of the eating I did today, I still have 277 calories left over. I’m about to go into the kitchen and pop some light popcorn to split with Ben as we watch the first couple of episodes of Weeds Season 2.

I’ll see you guys tomorrow!


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