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2012 – Day Two (recap)

Gah. So I never got to the blog yesterday. I really don’t know why, because I didn’t do too much. Anyhow!

Breakfast was a bowl of Autumn Wheat, my new favorite Kashi cereal. I especially like it because there is NO SODIUM in the cereal! I topped it with some banana, blueberries and 1% milk. (Can I just say that I think 1% milk is so much better than skim???). It was soo god and really hit the spot. I did not have to eat again for hours.


I am really digging the fresh fruit I’ve been having lately! I love fruit in the winter because it still tastes good and it reminds me of summer. 🙂

Mom and I went to the mall yesterday to try and figure out her latest cell phone issue. We did not come up with a solution and it was a little frustrating. But something will eventually work out – but we’re still trying to figure out what it will be.

After the long, drawn out visit to the mall (lots of steps taken so that was a good thing!) we got back in the car and headed to the gym. While we were on the way, I opened a peppermint stick Luna Bar and had half of it.

While at the gym I biked two miles as a warm up, did the elliptical machine for 45 minutes (four miles or just over?) and then walked half a mile on the treadmill as a cool down. Because I did weights the day before, I focused on cardio Monday.

Once I left the gym I had the other half of the luna bar and mom and I went to East Side Market. I was planning on making us a nice salad for dinner – but I started craving chicken (and probably some protein) so I bought a chicken breast. I cannot remember the last time I had meat….

Dinner turned out to be pretty fantastic. I sautéed mushrooms, garlic and spinach and we baked the chicken with lemon and a little butter. We had some Seven Stars bread with tomato and balsamic:


I plated dinner on lunch plates. I love eating on lunch plates because the plates look full. When I plate things on dinner plates there is a lot of empty space leftover. With dinner I had a glass of Mark West pinot noir.

After dinner I had a tiny bowl of more Kashi Autumn Wheat along with a few semi sweet chocolate chips and a splash of milk. I also took a calcium supplement because my doctor has been telling me to increase my calcium intake because I’m a woman and because I am a runner. I know that I’m constantly struggling to get enough calcium in my daily diet!

Hope your year is off to a good start so far! See you in a bit.


4 thoughts on “2012 – Day Two (recap)

  1. I take a calcium supplement for the exact same reason. My favorite by far are adora discs. They taste just like chocolate (I love the dark chocolate) and are a fun way to get in more calcium!

    1. I love adora discs!! Especially the dark chocolate kind. Thanks for the reminder – will have to pick some up!

  2. Has your doctor suggested vitamin D? I take that for bones and to avoid the dizzies. Americans are way low in vitamin D especially in the winter when there is less sun. At least that’s what I’ve read!

    1. Hi Marilyn! I am taking vitamin D. I read
      That in the summer the sun is only strong enough to help with a person’s vit d intake from 10am – 3pm. I’m in my office most days during those hours! So, I do take vit d and calcium now. My doctor is always on me re: calcium intake due to being female & a runner. 🙂

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