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Happy Monday, blog readers. I do not know where to begin today, so I am going to tell you about a great dinner I had on Thursday night.

After work on Thursday I met a friend at Amici Trattoria. I was very excited about having dinner at Amici’s. I had eaten food from Amici’s but I had never been to the restaurant. It was a great place and it had a great atmosphere. It was very cute and I had a great evening there.

Amici’s was participating in Restaurant Week and my friend ordered a caesar salad, chicken parmesan and a peach crisp for his meal. I ordered an amazing chicken, broccoli and penne pasta. The original dish comes with a cream sauce but they were kind enough to make it for me in a light olive oil and garlic sauce. I loved this meal so much!

Image 2.jpg

I ate less than half of this and had a lot of it on Friday night for dinner – and I did not even finish it then. I am really excited to go back to Amici’s soon – it will be hard to not order the same dish again. I have a horrible habit of ordering the same thing over again once I find something that I like so much.

Last week I basically ate a lot of the same thing. Oatmeal for breakfast with a little bit of almond butter and blueberries. Lunch was usually a greek yogurt, fruit and cheese. I worked out or ran almost every night and ate some sort of protein and salad for dinner.

The other day I finally found a box of Kashi oatmeal. I was thrilled. I have been looking for Kashi oatmeal everywhere. This morning I had a bowl:


I added a little spoonful of Barney Butter and a small sprinkle of granola on top. For lunch today I had a cup of minestrone soup. It definitely seemed strange to eat soup when it was blazing hot outside – but it was really good. I had a greek yogurt after my lunch time walk.

Before my trip to the gym I had six almonds and a handful of whole grain goldfish crackers. Once I got to the gym I did 35 HARD minutes on the elliptical machine. After I went over to Whole Foods to get some healthy food for the week:

Image 1.jpg

Dinner came together very well. I picked up salmon, asparagus, and thai noodles and mom made a salad with some of the vegetables I picked up.

Image 3.jpg

That about sums up my day. I have to go get things ready for breakfast (hopefully a great smoothie!) and lunch tomorrow. I’ll see you tomorrow bloggies. I hope you all have a great day tomorrow.


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