Omelette for breakfast

Hi All –

I hope you’re all having a lovely and long Labor Day weekend. I am enjoying this most amazingly beautiful weather by writing my blog entry from the deck! Ahh, September. It is my second favorite month (next to October) and it just has some of the most fantastic weather. In New England we experience picturesque days with low temperatures at night, low humidity most of the time and days that are warm enough to still venture out to the beach and even swim in the ocean (which is tomorrow’s activity!) I love fall.

Yesterday I had a breakfast of cantaloupe, one piece of Arnold’s sandwich thin bread and a tablespoon of almond butter. It seemed like a very good breakfast to me 🙂


Also on my tray is a small coffee from D&D with milk. After breakfast I was off to the farmer’s market on the East Side of Providence. (For you locals – this is the best farmer’s market around, and it goes until the end of October – it is at the beginning of Blackstone Blvd, at the Providence and Pawtucket line). I found it was a little hard going to the market without having any idea of what I was going to be cooking this week… I came away with a container of blueberries (the last time I bought berries at the market they lasted me an amazing two and a half weeks – unreal! I do plan on eating them faster this time!) A beautiful bulb of garlic, squash, two ears of corn, a few apples & plums and I think that is about it. We already have amazingly fresh egg plant (two of them) from a friend’s garden and lots of tomatoes at home…

For lunch yesterday I had a half of a tuna sandwich with an apple from the farmers market. I was at home cleaning my room, doing laundry and trying to get more organized – so I thought this lunch of protein, fiber and carbs would help me snack less. It worked. On the sandwich I cut up a fresh tomato, and used a teaspoon of very strong dijon mustard… fantastic!


This morning I woke up and decided to finally attempt the omelette I have been craving for days now! Before I tried it, I went on You Tube for a quick refresher course with Julia 🙂 If you need a tutorial on how to make an omelette check out this link: Julia makes an Omelette

I found this video so helpful! so

Here are the steps I took to make my omelette. I cut up two button mushrooms:


Then I sauteed them in a teaspoon of butter, on medium heat.

I used two eggs for my omelette and after beating them I added about a tablespoon of water… I also added freshly ground pepper and a small pinch of sea salt… this added a great flavor.


I heated up my pan on high heat. Once the pan was hot, I put in a bit of butter. Once the butter was melted and spread around the pan, I added the eggs. Then I followed Julia’s lead of moving the pan around – and I could not believe that I was actually able to make a real omelette! Here is what the end product looked like:


On the side is a little bit of ketchup and half an Arnold’s sandwich thin, toasted. Here is what the inside of the omelette looked like…


Seriously sooo good. I put a sprinkle of grated Swiss cheese in with the mushrooms. This omelette was the best thing ever! I cannot wait to make another one. 🙂 Oh, for the record I had a handful of amazing farmer’s market blueberries on the side, along with a great cup of coffee. The perfect breakfast!

Hope you’re all having a great day. See you soon!


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