Saturday – farmers market, etc.

Hey All –

Happy Saturday!! It was such a beautiful day here in Providence and I’m thrilled to say that I spent most of the day outside. No humidity, beautiful blue skies and sunshine – who can ask for anything better?

I started off this morning with a cup of coffee in my Black Dog coffee mug:

After the coffee I made a wonderful smoothie which got me through hours today!  In the smoothie was ground flax seed, Stoneyfield vanilla yogurt, blueberries, PB2, ice, Amazing Meal and skim milk.  Here’s what the blender looked like before all of the ingredients were mixed together:

Pretty!! (just kidding)
But the end result was beautiful:

I feel like this was a super healthy smoothie with two super foods: blueberries and Amazing Meal!  It was also very filling and it tasted amazing.

Mom and I headed over to the East Side to the Farmer’s Market on Saturday morning. It was busy and there were a ton of great vendors:

Here is what I bought:

Along with a beautiful bulb of garlic, a loaf of freshly made sour dough bread and homemade gazpacho:

Tomorrow I’ll be making (or attempting) a recipe by Jacques Pépin for ratatouille and I’m glad I was able to get almost all of the veggies needed from local vendors at the market this morning.

At around two o’clock mom and I split a scone and a few handfuls of fresh blueberries – so good!  The scone was from Seven Stars bakery – one of my favorite places.

The rest of my Saturday was super busy and I will write a re-cap tomorrow.  Katherine, Mom and I had a wonderful time at Julie and Julia – it was such a fun movie and I will talk more about it tomorrow.

Good night everyone!


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