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Friday night dinner

Hey All –

Taking the train home this evening was very nice. I enjoyed reading on the iPhone and my book during the commute. The train was not very busy, so I had some extra space to relax… it was wonderful. I am so happy that I was able to convince myself this morning to take the train. Even though it takes a long time to get to work, it is worth it because I get to see my friends and chat and / or read and relax instead of being behind the wheel and stuck in horrible Boston traffic!  Yay for me 🙂

Right now I am reading The Historian by Elizabeth Kostova. I am only on page 60 because I have been so busy these days – but it is interesting and well written. I especially love the descriptions of the European towns, cafes and universities!

Somehow after getting home from work I was able to muster enough energy to go out for a power walk with my mom. It was a beautiful night in Providence and we walked for almost an hour and covered three miles.

After the walk we went to my favorite grocery store in Providence, East Side Market.  I do not know what to tell you about this wonderful place – it is like heaven for me. It is always such a pleasant shopping experience!

Tonight I made the dinner choices at East Side Market. I went for sole francaise, nutty brown rice (this had pecans, walnuts, scallions and honey!) and crunchy green beans with almond slivers.  Holy yum. What a great combo  –  I am so glad I had my appetite tonight!

Here is what our fish looked like:

To put it in perspective, here is my hand and the fish. This was one piece – but mom and I split it:

When I got home from the walk and the market, I popped the fish into the oven at 250 and let it heat up for about 15 minutes. It heated up nicely.
Here is what my dinner looked like all plated up (using lunch plates – smaller so they look very full, I love this trick!)

While I was getting this dinner “ready” (heating the fish, plating the sides – very hard!) I got to thinking about being a healthy eater.  This food cost me $10.40 and it was enough food for two people. That is only $5.20 each!  A lot of people comment on how eating well can be so expensive. I definitely understand that it can be – but sometimes it doesn’t have to be totally cost prohibitive.

Our dinner was so satisfying – I am so pleased with the choices I made tonight 🙂

Tomorrow I’m getting up and enjoying the morning and then heading to the farmers market in Providence. I am so excited to explore the produce, flowers and baked goods. I’ll bring my camera and come back with a full report. Have a great weekend everyone!


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