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Weekend Recap

This weekend was a really interesting mix of low key moments and getting together with friends. I made sure to get some rest so that my work week will (hopefully) not feel as daunting to me.

Friday I worked late, yet again. But thankfully I went out to dinner with two of my friends after we wrapped things up at the office. I split a great grilled chicken sandwich with one of my friends and a great side of vegetable risotto with my other friend. 🙂 This was the third night I had dinner out in a row. I was thankful to split things – it made me feel better about going out yet again, and the food was great.

I went right to bed when I got home, around 9 o’clock because I was exhausted from my work week. I slept until 10AM on Saturday. The only reason I woke up on Saturday at 10 o’clock was because I set my alarm clock because I had a training session at noon time with my personal trainer. I could not sleep the day away, and that was a good thing.

For breakfast I had a cup of coffee and a bowl of Kashi Cinnamon Harvest cereal. I got to the gym early and ran one mile as a warm up prior to my one hour of training – which totally kicked my butt legs. We did an hour of lunges, abs, hops, jumps, weights, and so on. (For the record, it was hard to walk around on Sunday.) After the training session I ran for another 25 minutes.

After training I had lunch at 2 o’clock. Greek yogurt with Kashi Go Lean and a lot of water:


Two hours later I had an apple with almond butter and two handfuls of Chez Its (snack food!!!). On Saturday afternoon I watched the movie Moneyball and I really liked it. It was one of the movies that I wanted to see all fall, and I never got around to it. Ides of March was another movie – maybe I’ll watch it next weekend. (I have no idea if it is even on demand or on dvd of course.)

Saturday night was dinner at Pizzico with my oldest friends. It was a wonderful night out and we spent over three hours talking over our three course meal. We had a lot to catch up on since we had not seen each other since November.

I took it easy on Sunday morning. I had hoped to go for a long run, but I was tired and my legs were killing me from yesterday’s training session. So instead I had a grapefruit and a piece of whole wheat toast with almond butter for breakfast along with coffee. (And more water, obviously) I read my book, watched the news shows, and relaxed.

Sunday afternoon I had a great brunch / lunch with yet another one of my favorite people. Danielle and I walked around the East Side of Providence today and ended up having lunch at Andreas on Thayer Street. We ordered veggie grape leaves and a chicken gyro sandwich and we split everything. The food was so good, as it always is.

Grape leaves:


We ordered a side salad (instead of rice pilaf) with the gyro:


It was all amazing. After we ate, we went to City Sports and walked around Providence some more. I felt a little better about not running since we walked. After we went our separate ways, I walked over to Whole Foods to pick up some super duper special nut butter. Do you guys realize that I am sort of a nut butter connoisseur? So here is what I picked up today:


Umm, yeah. This is some good stuff. I had two saltine crackers with some of this stuff. I wonder how long the jar will last in the house..? I’ll let you know. For the record I have THREE jars of nut butter in the house right now. One of my friends has stopped eating nut butter – cold turkey – and I just do not know how this is possible. Anyhow.

Sunday night’s dinner was Pizzico leftovers. Penne alla Vodka with grilled chicken which was wonderful last night and it was great again tonight.

So, I have to get ready for work tomorrow and go to bed very soon. Hope you all had a great weekend and that your Monday goes well. See you tomorrow!


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