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Happy Memorial Day Weekend…

Hi there bloggies:

So, I was pretty uninspired this week when it came to food. I had the a lot of the same food, and dinners were on the fly. This is what happens when you do not make a plan and have a Sunday night prep time. (I opted to go to the movies on Sunday night instead of cooking a healthy dinner for the first couple of days of the week – it was pretty worth it, a great reward for running 6.3 miles on Sunday morning!)

One night I made a great dinner with ingredients I just had around the house:


Whole wheat pasta, mixed with salsa, spinach and a sprinkle of mozzarella cheese. For added protein I diced up two Trader Joe’s turkey meatballs. It was a perfect dinner (at least in my book).

Salads were on the menu for lunch this week. Some days I had protein added into my salads, and on days when I did not have an egg, chicken or tuna on top of my salads, I ate a Greek yogurt along side my vegetables. (I totally love the Chobani 2% banana and strawberry Greek yogurt! I will be stocking the fridge with this one for sure.)


On Monday I took the day off from exercise. Tuesday I did the elliptical machine at the gym for 40 minutes. Wednesday I ran 5 miles. Thursday and Friday were scheduled days off because my sister came to visit. On Thursday night we went to one of our favorite places, India on the East Side. I ordered a vegetable samosa (which I shared with my mom and sister) and chicken masala. My mom ordered steak saag, and my sister ordered chicken mango. All of the dishes were so good, and made for great left overs for Friday’s lunch. (I still have left overs today, too so I’ll be having a lovely lunch yet again!)

I have been enjoying a really relaxing Saturday morning, because I figured I deserve it 🙂 It is almost nice to not have anything planned for the day so that I can go and do my run whenever I want. The last several weeks I have had to get it done with the very first thing in the morning because of busy days on the weekends. Today’s agenda:

1. Relax, enjoy coffee, breakfast and reading

2. Exercise

3. Clean and organize room

4. Laundry

5. Clean out dresser drawers

6. Grill for dinner – vegetables & chicken

Last night I started reading The Memory of Running by Ron McLarty. I started reading late last night and read until just before midnight. One thing I love about this book is that it grabs you in the first couple of pages. No need to read 50 pages to ‘get into’ this book. I am really looking forward to reading more of the this weekend.

I hope you all have a great Memorial Day weekend. See you soon!


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