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Now that I’m back home…

I can finish up the earlier post! I’m still sad that my brilliant idea did not work out.

Anyhow, last night I prepared my overnight oats again… I’m so glad that I did because they were fantastic once again!
However, this morning I had a really hard time getting out of bed. If it was not for my friend Katherine calling me this morning, I might not have ever gotten out of bed. Sigh. I am so glad that Katherine called me this morning – and I’m really glad that I had a great “to go” breakfast already prepared and a left over lunch all ready to go!

Today I topped the oats with dried goji berries, raw cacao nibs, and a spoonful of PB2. I actually could not finish the entire bowl of oats and I was full until well after 12pm.

I went for a 20 minute walk today at lunch… it was cloudy and cool but very humid, so I warmed up quickly while we were walking. It was nice to get outside during the work day.
After I got back into the building, I grabbed my lunch out of the staff fridge… there was a line for the microwave (as there always is around lunch time!) so I decided to eat my pasta cold. I really do love cold pasta, actually.

Here is my entire lunch:

I ate the pasta, half a vegan veggie burger (both from last night) and a GNU bar which I loved. (12 grams of fiber in one 130 calorie bar – amazing!) I saved the banana for my afternoon snack.

So, I had really started the day off well – eating pretty healthily, etc. But at 3:15 or so the wheels came off the wagon.  At around 1:30 or so I had been offered a sandwich from Panera, and I had politely declined because I had just finished my lunch and I was really full.  However at 3 o’clock or so an e-mail went out to the entire staff saying that the sandwiches were now up for grabs in the lunch room along with cookies, etc.  By 3:15 I should have been snacking on my banana, but I thought, “oh I’ll just go for a quick walk down to the staff room to stretch my legs…” When I got down to the staff room a few of my other friends were down there eating sandwiches, cookies, etc. and for some reason I decided to enjoy an amazing turkey sandwich (it was officially 1/4 of a sandwich, but I think it’s actually equal to a half a normal sandwich) with lettuce, onions, and a yummy, herby spread on artisan bread. Wow. This sandwich was so good.  For some reason after the sandwich I decided to have half of a large shortbread cookie.  This all added up to a lot of food.  It is now 7:15 pm and I have not had a thought of hunger.

So, that about wraps up my day thus far. My banana is now sitting on the kitchen table because I elected to eat a sandwich and cookie instead. Meh.

Hope everyone is having a great Friday. I’ve spent my afternoon post – work cleaning my room! It looks so much better now 🙂

Have a great weekend everyone – I’ll be back either later tonight or tomorrow.


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