Breakfast · Running

Saturday Morning

I am so thankful that it is a Saturday morning and not a Friday morning. When I woke up this morning, I almost started getting ready for work because my brain was positive it was a work day and not a weekend. Thankfully it only took me a moment to remember it was Saturday. I got up early – before 8AM and started coffee and did some things around the house. I wanted to get coffee and breakfast into my system a couple of hours before my morning run. 

Breakfast was café au lait and a piece and a half of toast with cashew butter and raspberry jam: 

Image 4

Image 1

In preparation for my run I laid out my running clothes the night before. This morning I found my iPod shuffle and charged it… lately I have been running listening to NPR and I’ve missed having music in my ear as I was covering the few miles on my short runs.  To inspire me in my running comeback, I read an article in Runner’s World about a runner who as a young person was running and winning ultra marathons, and then stopped running and lost his way. The article talked about how he got back to running and found himself again. Of course my return to running is nothing like this dramatic story – but it was the perfect read before I head out for another 3 mile run.  

Last night was the finish to my work week. I was a bit burned out from it all. My friend and I were supposed to go for a post work run, but she was running late on Friday morning and forgot her running things (she hadn’t packed her running bag the night before like I had forced myself to do – if I hadn’t I would have forgotten my things too!) Normally I would force myself to go on a run on my own. But I just didn’t have it in me. Instead, we both got in the car around 5:45 pm and drove home.  I knew I would be running on Saturday morning, and we ran on Tuesday after work for 35 minutes. That day we did intervals, running for 1 minute, walking for 30 seconds, running for 1 minute, etc.  The outing felt good and it was FUN – the most important thing about running, at least for me! 

When I got home from work on Friday, it was almost seven o’clock (Friday night traffic is always the worst!) and I knew I was not cooking for myself. Thankfully I had one frozen meal in the freezer. What are your thoughts on frozen meals? I don’t usually use them – but sometimes I definitely think they are helpful! I really like one of the Healthy Choice Steamer meals – the pumpkin squash ravioli. Last night I added some freshly steamed zucchini which bulked the meal up a little, too. 


After I took this photo I added freshly ground pepper and crushed red pepper flakes. 

It is almost ten o’clock so I have to wrap this blog post up and hit the trail! I told myself I would be running by 10am this morning – so I’m off! 


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