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Saturday Morning Run

This morning I accomplished a four mile run. It was rather hot, which made it a little hard – but I was so happy that I was able to accomplish four miles today! I even enjoyed myself and pushed myself to get it done. 

I put on a lot of SPF 50 before I went out. I even covered my hands with my new Super Goop hand lotion, that also has 40 SPF in it. From my hours of running in the sun, I started noticing that my hands were looking a little (gasp) wrinkled and I saw a sunspot on my left hand. Immediately I started looking for hand cream with SPF in it. I highly recommend Super Goop hand lotion!    I carried a ten ounce Nathan’s water bottle, and I put half of a NUUN into my bottle. I had my iPod shuffle on during my run, and having great music really helped me keep focused and I could tell I was running faster than I sometimes do while listening to NPR or a book on tape.  

The run was hot, and the trail was dusty. There was a lot of SUN and there were times during the run that I had to walk – but I was ok with that. After my run, I took a look at my sneakers and realized just how dusty the trail I was on really was! 

Image 1

Sometimes friends will come to me and tell me that they are just starting running for the first time. Sometimes they ask for advice or if there is anything they should know about running for the first time. I try to cover the basics (but I’m not an expert!) “don’t do too much – start slow, and increase your weekly mileage only by about 10% a week to avoid injury”. “Get fitted for the right running shoes – go to a running store and have them watch you run” I always recommend Marathon Sports in the greater Boston area or Road Runner in the Providence area…

But today, I was reminded of another important piece of advice – at least for runners who love food.  Do not go to your favorite grocery store after a run! Trust me on this.  BUT I did not follow my own piece of advice this morning, after my long run. I went to Whole Foods immediately after my run.  I got a few things – most of them were healthy but a few things I picked up because I was craving them or they looked amazing. Here is what I came home with: 

Image 3

Ok, so it’s not that bad. But peanut butter pretzels!? I couldn’t resist! I had a couple in the car on the way home, too.  But the tuna and avocado were put to good use in my post run lunch. I was really happy with how this turned out. 

I toasted a piece of “fitness bread” (a review on this bread will be coming soon!) and then added some 2% cheddar cheese on top, along with slices of a locally grown tomato and avocado: 

Image 4

Then I layered the wild tuna, some scallions and sriracha: 


on the side I had the extra slices of tomato and avocado that wouldn’t fit on my piece of bread – delish! I thought this lunch was a good balance of carbs, protein, healthy fats and flavor. It really hit the spot – I really love the meal I have after a good run. Usually whatever I have tastes really good, and I really enjoy refueling my body and muscles after a run. I’m excited to get more runs under my belt in the next couple of weeks. 

I hope you are enjoying your Saturday, too! 


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