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Mix and Match

The last few days have been a mix and match of lovely dinners, make shift lunches and one of my favorite things during the work week – tasty leftovers!! 

On Sunday I made a go to lunch – an egg, tomatoes and cheese wrap! This lunch is so simple, tasty and satisfying. Even better for some,  it takes only about ten minutes to make! This is a great treat for kids, too.  Here is what you need to make this lunch – which actually can be lunch, breakfast, dinner or a snack at any time of day! 


Image 1

An egg, a tortilla or a wrap, tomatoes (these are small tomatoes, I used one and a half and ate the rest!), cheddar cheese or another type of cheese and I personally think a good hot sauce makes the wrap – but of course it is purely optional. (If you don’t like hot sauce, salt and pepper your egg while you’re cooking it!) 

Tip: heat your pan and butter (I use brummel and a little cooking spray) before you put your egg in. Do not over cook your egg! 

Image 10

Put your cooked egg directly onto your wrap which will melt the cheese, add the tomato and hot sauce: 

Image 9

I added a few red pepper flakes, too… wrap it up and enjoy!


After enjoying my lunch, I ran some errands. I am so happy that my day included an extended stop at one of my favorite culinary stores in Providence, Stock!  If you ever know someone that needs to get a gift for me – send them to Stock. I did a lot of poking around on Sunday – but I was able to resist a lot of things…. until I came across one thing I just had to have

Image 8

I could not resist – obviously!  There were plenty of other things I wanted to purchase for my kitchen as well, but I will save that for another day… if you are on the East Side of Providence (or just in the area at all) I highly recommend stopping by Stock – I know you will find something to make you happy! 

On Sunday night I made a fun dinner. I grated carrots and chopped parsley to get started: 

Image 3


I had two pieces of fish, and I crusted them in potato flakes, a little panko and parsley and seasoned with freshly ground pepper and a dash of salt.  I mixed together fresh, roasted corn, jalapeño, roasted fingerling potatoes, carrots, parsley and seasoning to make a fresh salad. It all came together very well: 

Image 5

When it came to dinner, there were no leftovers to speak of… so for Monday at work I packed some random things and felt like I was having a picnic in my office – not a bad feeling for a Monday, I guess. 

Image 4

Lunch consisted of: carrot sticks, apple slices, a Chobani 100, a mini babybel cheese and a couple of whole wheat crackers. On the side, a lemon seltzer which was very refreshing, especially after my lunchtime exercise. 

On Monday morning I decided it was time to get back into my “routine” which consists of eating healthy (which I have been doing for the most part) going for my lunchtime walk (which I have been doing), and going to the gym after work (which I have not been doing much – but I have been going outside for a few short runs a week). All day at work I would remind myself, “You are going to the gym after work.” In case I ran the risk of forgetting. 

On my way home I had a protein drink because I was hungry and wanted the energy to get through my first gym workout in a while.  Once I got to the gym, I did the elliptical machine for 30 minutes and some weights. I felt really accomplished getting to the gym for the first time in a long while – and I was surprised by how busy the gym was on a beautiful day in August. (You have got to hand it to the avid, healthy gym goers!) 

Dinner on Monday night was very easy and that helped get me to the gym. I got home after 7 o’clock and not having to think about dinner was a wonderful and helpful thing. I had left over Skinnytaste Crock Pot Santa Fe Chicken. I heated up the chicken, heated up two tortillas and made my soft tacos in just a couple of minutes: 

Image 7

(I added some of the corn salad from the night before, too) It was a great dinner and I felt like I deserved it after a workout. I actually am excited to get back to the gym – which is surprising! I am definitely going to remember how nice it is to have leftovers during the work week – especially in September because everything always seems hectic in September. Everyone is back to school and back to work so doing everything takes longer, it seems!I can see that cooking a couple of times a week and having leftovers a couple of times a week will be a big page in my play book coming up. 

The last couple of days have been a culinary whirlwind. I am signing off for now to plan the next couple of days – stay tuned and happy cooking!


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