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And the vacation continues….

Hi everyone –

I hope you’re all enjoying a great weekend. It is raining here in Rhode Island today — which is making it hard for me to get going to the gym 😦  A new Boston Sports Club is opening on the East Side of Providence (literally – today is their first day open!) and I’ve been planning on going to check it out – and get a run in. Why does it have to rain? It is making me want to stay in my pjs and just do things around the house…

Yesterday Ben, my mom and I woke up sooo early – around 6:30 and got ready to start the day of shopping and errands. I think we are crazy!  After my early morning shower I had a great cup of coffee – packed a Luna bar in my bag and we were off.

At Best Buy – where we got my mom a 4G memory card for her new camera – I enjoyed my Lemon Zest Luna Bar… this was a stocking stuffer – and it is my new favorite Luna Bar!  I love the lemon flavor.

While we were at Best Buy we also bought 2 sets of  rechargable batteries, which we are all excited for.

Our shopping continued – Ben did find great deals for himself (at Macy’s and LLBean) and I did not do too badly either. I am loving my new LLBean slippers… I had not bought a pair of slippers in about seven years, so I was overdue!

For lunch we all went to Cosi. I enjoyed an everything bagel with an egg, cheddar cheese and tomato. This kept me going until dinner – it was fantastic!

Our shopping cotinued at Nordstrom – and this is where I encountered my best buy of the day. As my friends know, Bobbi Brown is my favorite make up. In all of my years – I have NEVER seen Bobbi Brown make up on sale. But yesterday I bought an eye and lip pallet for 25% off! It is beautiful.

After we got home, mom and I snacked on some holiday food. We enjoyed pistachios and hershey kisses which were in her stocking. Yum!

I also enjoyed a cup of tea in my favorite Curious George mug!

For dinner we enjoyed a mini pizza from Whole Foods (which I forgot to take a picture of!!) and it was fantastic!  Right after dinner is when I made the Amish Friendship Bread.

My theory on the Friendship Bread is that I am going to gradually make some changes to the recipe – one at a time so if one change does not work well – I will most likely know what change did not work.  As I said in last night’s mini-post, this time around I replaced half of the oil with apple sauce – and the bread is fantastic. It definitely tastes just a little different to me this time around – but get this – I actually like it BETTER!

I think next time I will replace one of the eggs with egg whites instead.  🙂

Well – for food today (Saturday!) I had a slice of Amish Friendship bread (not the entire loaf pictured!) toasted in the oven and a cup of coffee.

Hope everyone is having a good Saturday. I think I might have enough energy to get to the gym now…



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