Amish Friendship Bread update

Hi guys –
Well today my Amish Friendship Bread starter was 10 days old – so I made the bread. I think the last time I did this (ten days ago!) I was discussing how the recipe was not the most healthy thing. So today I made my first official change to it!

Instead of adding one cup of oil to the mixture, I added 1/2 cup oil and 1/2 cup apple sauce + one teaspoon. The bread came out really well! It still has three eggs, a good deal of sugar (I never put quite as much sugar as the recipe calls for though…) but I think the apple sauce and whole wheat flour does help a bit. It makes two loaves of bread, so it spreads out the egg and oil pretty well! 🙂

Tomorrow I will post the pictures from today!
Good night everyone…


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