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New Year’s Eve

I cannot believe it is nearly 2009!  I have been enjoying another snowy day, today. We have a few inches on the ground and there is no sign of the snow letting up any time soon!

I had planned to go running at the gym today – but the roads were pretty bad this morning when I was thinking about going, so instead Ben and I took a walk around our neighborhood. I just love our neighborhood when it is snowing (actually, I love it all of the time).

Due to my late start this morning (I woke up at 10:30!) breakfast was at the lunch hour – at around 12:30 this afternoon.  I toasted a piece of the Honey Whole Wheat bread from Great Harvest with a little bit of Teddy Peanut Butter, along with a handful of red grapes which were wonderful!

Grapes are great foods, because they keep you pretty full due to the water content. I love adding them to meals because they are a treat and red grapes have a good deal of anti-oxidants in them as well.

Red Grapes are particularly healthy.  For more information you can click here to read about the nutritional benefits of grapes – you might be surprised! Here are a few highlights:

  • Grapes contain Flavonoids (click for more information!)
  • Grapes protect against heart disease
  • Studies have shown that the polyphenols found in red grapes can lower a woman’s risk of coronary heart disease
  • Grapes can lower your cholesterol
  • For all of these benefits – one cup of red grapes only has 61 calories!

Here is what breakfast / lunch (this would definitely NOT qualify as a brunch  –  so I’m not even going there!) looked like – not very interesting, but still!

I am sure that later today I will snack on one of Marilyn’s amazing oatmeal cookies. I love the traditional oatmeal and raisin cookie – they are one of my favorites!

Last night Ben, Marilyn and I ordered take out at Blue Ribbon BBQ in West Newton. In all of the years I have been living in Newton, I had never eaten at Blue Ribbon.  My former roommate Rachel used to eat there often, and I always thought her food looked amazing – so I do not know why it took me six years to finally eat there!

Last night I ordered a chicken burritto and it was gigantic! I spared you all from a photo – because it was the most unattracitve thing after I started eating it 😉 But it was wodnerful. The cilantro really made it taste extra fresh. I will definitely be going back one day soon!

Tonight Ben and I are heading downtown to celebrate the New Year. We will be eating at BonFire which I am excited about (I am especially excited for some of their non-steak items). I will be back in 2009 with a full report on what we had and how it was.

Happy (almost) New Year, everyone!


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