I made it to lunch on Tuesday

Well, judging by my earlier post today – I was starving by 12 Noon on Tuesday!  I have to say that my lunch was amazing and really filling! Here are some unattractive photos:

I think the grapes, almonds and apple really held me over most of the afternoon! Of course the bread was a fantastic partner to the Amy’s soup (the second serving from the can!)  I really love Great Harvest bread.

At 3:30 this afternoon, I was sort of ready for an afternoon snack – but I did not need the Chobani… instead I snacked on my 1/2 serving of the Trader Joe’s fiber cereal. (I love this stuff!)

Tonight Ben, Marilyn and I enjoyed watching the movie Get Smart.

I’m heading for bed – and I am so excited to be on vacation, yet again. Five days, and another snow storm heading our way… hmmm… I’m noticing a trend here.


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