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Monday again…

Hey All – Thank goodness I put together the overnight oats Sunday evening or else  I would have been pretty out of luck for breakfast this morning. Light vanilla soy milk, organic Trader Joe’s low fat vanilla yogurt (I’ll probably be getting plain next time – with the spices, vanilla soy milk, etc. I think…… Continue reading Monday again…

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Is it Hump day already!?

Hey Guys- Wow, I am such a blog slacker this week! I’m sorry. I do not know how it is Wednesday night already, and this is my first post of the week. Oh well. Things have been so busy – and I have accomplished a lot, so I guess that is a good thing. This…… Continue reading Is it Hump day already!?


I made it to lunch on Tuesday

Well, judging by my earlier post today – I was starving by 12 Noon on Tuesday!  I have to say that my lunch was amazing and really filling! Here are some unattractive photos: I think the grapes, almonds and apple really held me over most of the afternoon! Of course the bread was a fantastic…… Continue reading I made it to lunch on Tuesday


Is it Lunch time yet!?

Hi Bloggies – I have to say, even though I am working only two days this week – it is still hard to get through my last day of work. I am looking forward to another mini-vacation (5 days off)! I started getting hungry for lunch around 10:45 today!  There are only a few more…… Continue reading Is it Lunch time yet!?