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A new way to map your run!

HI All –

Happy Thursday! The week is drawing to a close – with a huge snow storm in the forecast for the Boston area! I might be taking Friday as a vacation day to avoid the crazy roads… we shall see. They are calling for over 12 inches in my neighborhood, so it might be worth it to stay in tomorrow.

Exciting website news: I just discovered a “new” (as in new to me!) program that will map your run on the computer and tell you how many miles your usual routine is!

I just did this for the first time for the loop in my neighborhood that I run… one time around is 1.54 miles. Which means if I do two loops it would be the perfect training for the 5K  coming up on Feb. 1 – yipee!  I seriously had no idea how long this loop really was, as I’ve gotten better at running over the last few months, the loop has gotten easier and easier for me – I thought there was no way that it was over a mile.  So, this is a nice surprise!

Here is the link to the program:

Have fun with it! I’ll be back later with more. Until then, have a great day! 😉


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