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Training and Eating

Ahh, Wednesday. I am over half way through my work week! I feel very lucky that I love my job and [almost] look forward to going to work every day. But there are times (like this week) where my mind floods with thoughts of what I could be doing if I was not working. But…… Continue reading Training and Eating

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Random Thought for the Night

Ok. I really need to be going to bed – but I had this random thought, and figured I’d put it out there. As I was unpacking my groceries tonight, I got to thinking. I would LOVE to see what an elite runner’s refrigerator and pantry looks like. (Of course I’m thinking Kara Goucher [my…… Continue reading Random Thought for the Night


Missing Piece of the Puzzle…

Hi there. So, if you have been reading this blog for a while you might be wondering about the missing piece of the puzzle over the last week or so. Umm, yeah. I have not been to the gym in a long time. I am getting ready to head out the door in just a…… Continue reading Missing Piece of the Puzzle…

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A new way to map your run!

HI All – Happy Thursday! The week is drawing to a close – with a huge snow storm in the forecast for the Boston area! I might be taking Friday as a vacation day to avoid the crazy roads… we shall see. They are calling for over 12 inches in my neighborhood, so it might…… Continue reading A new way to map your run!