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Ahh, Wednesday. I am over half way through my work week! I feel very lucky that I love my job and [almost] look forward to going to work every day. But there are times (like this week) where my mind floods with thoughts of what I could be doing if I was not working. But everyone has to work, right? (Well, a lot of people have to work.) I try to get the most out of my daily routine and schedule so that I can make the most of my time when I am not at work.

There are little things that I tend to do that can make my day flow easier. Plan and pack my breakfast, lunches and snacks the night before work. Lay out my clothes for work and I pack my bag with running clothes (and things like my fuel belt, Garmin, iPod, and hair ties or a hat). On nights when I have gone for a run, I shower and blow my hair out the night before (or sometimes during the summer I go to bed with wet hair which always make for a near disaster the next morning). If I can get everything planned out and ready the night before, it makes my mornings easier as long as I can actually get up when my alarm goes off, usually around 5:30 AM. There are definitely weeks when my plan does not go quite as well. This is sort of one of those weeks.

I did not get out of bed when my alarm went off. Eventually (almost 45 minutes after) I got up and got my day started. For breakfast this morning I made smoothies for me and my mom. Spinach, blueberries, a banana, plain yogurt and a scoop of protein with ice and water was in the mix this morning.

I took mine in the car to go. It was a great breakfast on the road:

Image 3.jpg

I started drinking the smoothie at 7:30 this morning and finished it around 8 o’clock. I was hungry at 10:30 and ended up having half of a Think Thin Bar. I went for my lunch time walk a little earlier than normal because I had a lunch time meeting on the books. After the walk, I ate my salad which had spinach, tomato, red pepper, cucumbers, scallions, grilled chicken and a couple of croutons:


I also ate a Greek yogurt. I was still hungry after my lunch, so I snacked on some Food Should Taste Good sweet potato chips. (I loved them!)

Image 1.jpg

I picked up this bag at the expo for the Providence Rock n Roll half marathon over the weekend (my sister and best friend ran the relay together).

Later in the afternoon I was still hungry (are you noticing a pattern yet?) so I ate a perfectly juicy peach. It was almost completely eaten before I snapped a photo:

Image 2.jpg

I had to leave work later than normal today because of a potential meeting (that never happened) and I ended up eating a piece of dark chocolate with a teaspoon of Barney Butter. Thankfully I did not need to eat again until dinner. The only reason I can think that I am so hungry is because I have amped up my running this week. But I felt like I was eating my way through the day and it was a little bit disturbing. At least I took the time to pack some (mostly) healthy food to snack on.

After work I went to visit one of my good friends and former and future running and training partner, Rachel. I also had the pleasure to meet the newest member of her family who is turning one month old tomorrow! In a couple of more weeks Rachel hopes to start running again – I can’t wait to have one of my running buddies back!

I made an effort to fit in social time with friends that I don’t always get to see twice this week – dinner with Jennifer on Monday and a visit with Rachel today. A few articles I have read lately have talked about the importance of making time for friends and social occasions during hard training weeks. That doesn’t mean having drinks and staying out late, but it does mean good friends and meaningful conversations – where would we be without these things? It is always important to make time for friends – I just try to schedule them so I can fit my running and workouts on the other days.

Dinner tonight was something I literally threw together (just ask my mom) and it took me only a matter of minutes to make:

Image 3.jpg

Toast with 50% reduced fat Cabot cheddar cheese, an egg, and a small salad with spinach, cucumbers and tomatoes. The plate looks full, doesn’t it? I love using smaller “lunch” plates for dinner. 🙂 I also had a glass of skim milk with dinner. The milk really helps take my hunger away. Yum! I love how easy eggs are – they really save me sometimes when I am in a pinch for dinner!

Today a friend asked me what I give up when I kick my training into a higher gear (not that I’m there yet – but I’m getting closer) and it made me think for a while. Here is a list of things that I miss when I’m training:

1. Staying up late. (there is nothing that I like more than staying up and reading into the early morning hours!!!)

2. Sleeping in late! (this is a close second!)

3. Flexibility to meet friends whenever I want

4. A clean room

5. Having a lot of time to relax (I still try to carve out time – but I don’t have as much of it when I’m training and putting in a lot of miles per week)

6. Wine and beer (they just do not fit in on a Friday night if I’m getting up early and running 10 miles on a Saturday morning.)

7. The need for a less structured life (sometimes during training I feel like every half hour is accounted for – including getting at least seven hours of sleep each night)

Tomorrow is back to the grind and back to running. I hope to get in another four miles after work tomorrow. Tonight I have to pack my lunch, snacks and running bag and I definitely have to get up when my alarm goes off. Wish me luck!


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