Dinner from a Friend

So often when people are going through things in life, I like to make a meal and bring it over to them. For me, cooking for someone is how I show that I care. Food is love. It is as simple as that sometimes.

My grandmother has been in the hospital for a week now. Tonight I passed my mom as she came home and I was about to leave for the hospital to stay with my grandmother for a couple of hours after my work day. My mom smiled and showed me the boxes she was carrying. “Annie sent me home with dinner for you tonight.” She said. Immediately I was so excited. I had noticed there was no food at home, but I knew I didn’t have time to fix that situation or cook tonight as I had already spent over eight hours working, and a while getting to and from work. Sometimes there are not enough hours in the day to get everything done. I had decided that I could get a hamburger from Wendy’s or something on the way home from the hospital.

But then I saw the food that mom came into the house with. Our lovely friend had send her home with a freshly cooked ear of corn on the cob, red bliss potato salad with red onions and a freshly grilled hamburger! ‘Are you kidding me!?’ I thought. I was so excited, and it seemed like the quintessential summer cookout dinner on the go.

Once I got home from the hospital, I worked on heating up my dinner as my mom went back to the hospital. As I was so excited about my dinner, it also made me think to myself that this might be how (at least some) people feel when I bring them dinner.

Dinner was delicious:

It was like summer on a plate.

I learned a lesson while I was eating this dinner. If you have friends going through something in life, take a moment out of your day and let them know that they are loved. You can do or say anything to accomplish this – and it is so important. Buy them a coffee, bring them a meal [it doesn’t have to be homemade!], or just give them a hug. Your soul will thank you, too!


One thought on “Dinner from a Friend

  1. This is wonderful, Heather! You are so right! Little things mean a lot when you help a friend in need.

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