Summer Weekend

Summer is officially here, and so far it has been a very nice one. Before summer arrived, SC and I were really excited to get a new gas grill. We thought we would be more likely to use it during the week and figured we would still go back to our trusty (and amazing) charcoal…… Continue reading Summer Weekend

Cooking · Dinner

Homemade Veggie & Bean Burgers

Hi there blog readers! Last night I spent a good part of my free time in the kitchen making homemade vegetable and bean burgers for dinner. My friends and I have been discussing the side effects of eating processed soy and the possible negative effects of your health by eating those so easy to prep…… Continue reading Homemade Veggie & Bean Burgers

Lunch · Running

2012 – Day 16 (Monday recap)

It was really very cold on Sunday. Monday it was a little bit better. It was only in the 20s when I went to the gym on Monday morning – a vast improvement! I really had to force myself out of the house and I got to the gym and I ran for 35 minutes.…… Continue reading 2012 – Day 16 (Monday recap)